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    Barastoc Race N Win 20kg

    Manufacturer: Barastoc
    SKU: 34554
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    Barastoc Race N Win is an oat-free and nutrient-rich muesli with fortified vitamins and minerals. Formulated for peak performance with an amino acid profile designed for high performance and race horses, Barastoc Race n Win is a concentrated horse racing feed. Barastoc Race N Win is a concentrated horse racing feed for high-performance equine athletes. Specifically formulated to support a high intensity workload What will it do for my horse? Formulated with Diamond VĀ® XPC for improved utilisation of fibre, gut health and reduced lactic acid accumulation during exercise. High-quality protein with added amino acids to assist in superior athletic muscle development and repair. Fully fortified horse racing feed with high levels of natural vitamin E, selenium and chromium to aid antioxidants and muscle repair. Contains a natural equine antacid, Barastoc Gastrolizeā„¢, for horses prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome